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Ramona - if that was you trying to break into my gmail account

That's not the one associated with this blog.  You won't be able to take this down even if you get into that (old) account.

Soz babes!

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Ramona Treacy revealed to be Bloggers Unveiled: a Primer

Let me preface this by saying that I had no idea about Bloggers Unveiled until last week, I don't follow any beauty blogs at all so it was never on my radar.  I still have only seen posts that were discussed in other places because by the time I was following the drama, Bloggers Unveiled was a private account.

I know Ramona Treacy (well, know of her) since approximately 2006, 2007.  This blog was originally a way for me to anonymously inform an entire group of people she had been catfishing using a steady stream of pictures she'd stolen from one of her friends on Bebo, who unfortunately (for Ramona) went on to compete in the Rose of Tralee.  The name Ramona used at the time was "Jess".  The term "catfish" was not yet in use in 2010, otherwise the name of the page would probably have been "Jess is a catfish".

If you're wondering why I went through the trouble of finding and exposing Ramona back in 2010, it's because she was a vile internet troll.  It's been a long time, and all Ramona's posts as Jess have been long deleted, but the vitriol she spewed was astounding.  I was one of her favourite targets, and I was, frankly, trying to ensure she didn't glean additional personal information of mine - I wanted to find her social media platforms to block her.  I never expected to find out she wasn't real.

Here is a screenshot where Ramona (Santa Paws is her Facebook name) proudly discusses her history as an internet troll (taken from WMC's instagram story, sorry I don't have the original one):

Alright so this page outed her back in 2010, she figured out it was me, I got a phonecall from the Gardai warning me not to talk about her online anymore and she prank called my business for a while (setting up fake appointments etc) until I guess she found someone else to troll.

The fallout among the group of us that she'd been catfishing for years using this extremely beautiful girl's photos, was pretty amazing.  Turns out Ramona-as-Jess got at least one man to send her pictures of his genitalia, and another to have intercourse with his girlfriend while transmitting video to Ramona:

Anyhow, the drama died down and everyone moved on with their lives.  Ramona, though, was busy (following screenshots from Jason Kidd's instagram DMs that he posted to his story):

Harassing her elderly neighbours:

Leaving 1 star reviews for her competitors:

And filing false accusations with the Gardai:

As well as getting banned multiple times from

However, I had no idea about any of this.  Until one of her new targets turned out to be a friend of mine. We were chatting sometime in late 2016 and she was telling me about this girl who had it in for her... something clicked.  I said, hey, this is weird but... is her real name Ramona?

My friend replied something along the lines of "WTF".  So I rang her and told her the whole Jess story while we wondered what the chances were that we'd have both independently ran into the same internet troll who had spilled over into our personal lives.

Since then, my friend would keep me up to date on the latest shenanigans.  That's how I came to know about this whole bloggers unveiled shite last week.  I also logged into this blogger account and saw a bit of an uptick in traffic, which was kind of interesting (although nothing like what happened after Jason Kidd shared a link on his instagram story)

Until yesterday, even in my mind, Ramona had plausible deniability.  I hadn't seen any actual proof Bloggers Unveiled = Ramona Treacy, but I also didn't disbelieve it - it's all a little coincidental, frankly, especially since her main form of entertainment has been trolling people online since she was fifteen - that's half her life!

The Irish Times article was pretty laughable, painting Ramona out to be some kind of saint.  Investigative reporting eh?

Yesterday though, the wheels started to come off the bus.

First, someone screenshot something from a Bloggers Unveiled instagram story:

That profile image belonged to Ramona Treacy/Santa Paws at the time (it has since been changed).  The screenshot was deleted VERY quickly, so quickly that it is unlikely to have been due to Ramona asking BU to take it down.  I have never followed Bloggers Unveiled but people say it was taken down within minutes, if not seconds.  Rather, the most plausible explanation is that Ramona herself took it down, because Ramona Treacy is Bloggers Unveiled.

(please note I haven't the foggiest idea why Bloggers Unveiled posted the above screenshot, I don't know the context)

Here is the proof I have that that profile image belonged to Santa Paws at one time:

Wow, that is... well it's an example of the kind of stuff Ramona says pretty frequently actually.  Anyway there you go, that's her profile image.

Alright so even now, Ramona was saying she sent the image to Bloggers Unveiled and asked them to delete it and they did.  Sure.  Still kind of plausible, but starting to seem like we're hearing hooves and thinking zebra.

The last piece of the puzzle is what seals it, at least for me.

In the following conversation, not entirely in order but parsing it for some because there seems to be a lot of confusion over something that appears very clear (to me):

1) Ramona tells her friend that Lindsay is going to tell others that she is behind Bloggers Unveiled

2) The friend tells Ramona that she knows she is Bloggers Unveiled because when Ramona showed the friend a photo of a baby on Ramona's Instagram, the friend noticed that Bloggers Unveiled was linked to her Instagram app.

Necessary context for some: If you run two accounts from the same app, you see a little red number that is the number of notifications on the OTHER account - a quick tap and it drops down a list of accounts for you to select.

3) The friend asks Ramona how do they convince Lindsay that she is wrong about Ramona being Bloggers Unveiled

4) The friend asks Ramona if Lindsay is bluffing about knowing that Ramona is Bloggers Unveiled

5) Ramona says she doesn't know if Lindsay is bluffing (if she was sure she is not Bloggers Unveiled, how could Lindsay NOT be bluffing?)

6) The friend asks Ramona if Lindsay has shown her any proof that she knows Bloggers Unveiled is her or if there is any way possible for Ramona's number to have been linked to it

7) Ramona implores her friend not to say a word about her identity as Bloggers Unveiled.  Unfortunately for Ramona, the screenshots of this conversation got out a week after the conversation took place.

I've posted them already but here they are once again:

Ramona herself never required this burden of proof when posting as Bloggers Unveiled.  Personally, I'm convinced.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Public service being performed due to the transient nature of Instagram since this blog is (clearly) immortal

In case you're out of the loop, "Santa Paws" is Ramona Treacy on Facebook
Here she is imploring the unnamed source not to reveal that she is Bloggers Unveiled
Ding!  This roast is DONE

The TEA!

Let's just say.... the receipts exist and I've seen them

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010

Let the evidence speak for itself.

This convo from TB:

screen cap in case Jess deletes it:

screen cap of the Facebook Convo:

What's this you say? Who is Ramona Treacy?

screen caps: (from April 2010) (from February 2010)

Ramona is who Jess goes by on Bebo and Facebook.


On Bebo, Ramona talks about moving into a house with Ka:

Jess talked many times about her housemate Ka, here is an example:

On Bebo, Ramona talks about having broken her ankle:

On Bebo, Ramona talks about being in LA/San Diego, and mentions Adam:

On Bebo, Ramona talks about getting a free ticket on the train:

and on TB:

screen cap in case of thread deletion:

So we have established that Ramona = Jess. But what about the pictures? Are they fakes to throw her ex off? It was certainly possible. Until the following person was found amongst her friends:!/profile.php?id=1589390558

Looks familiar, doesn't she?

She also had her 21st recently:

On a different day than Ramona:

But the real proof that the person in the pictures isn't Jess/Ramona is the following:

That is Amy Louise competing in the Rose of Tralee Beauty Pagent in 2008, on stage with Ray Darcy (famous in Ireland, aparently) representing Offaly. During the Video she confirms the following:

- both her parents are living
- she studies Business and German at the University of Limerick (not legal studies)
- she was an only child until her father remarried and had a little baby (who was 6 months old at the time the video was filmed)

Various articles on Amy Louise at the time of the Pageant:


There's the evidence. Make of it what you will.